//  Origin:  Tallahassee, FL
//  Genres:  Rock/Pop/Country
//  Years Active:  2010- Present
//  Label:  Black Label
//  Website:

The Southern Latitude Band was originally known as the Falling Timbers Band (FTB) and was originated in late 2010.  Guitarist Gary Lyda, looking for a bassist, invited David Merck to a late night audition and the core of FTB was born.  Gary and David quickly went to work auditioning several lead vocalists before deciding on Gulf 104 DJ Chris Falls.  The band then began establishing themselves as one of Tallahassee’s premier cover bands.


Drummer Bob Fish joined the band in 2012, having played with David in a previous project.


In April of 2014, Falls departed the band and Mike Geandreau came aboard as lead vocalist.  FTB once again became a crowd favorite at many of Tallahassee’s best live music venues. 


In March 2016, the band went on hiatus and in June reformed with Scott Ferris on lead vocals, Fred Martinez on drums and Gary and David as the usual suspects.


In June of 2017, after the departure of Scott, Jason Raymond came on board as co-lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist. The band was then renamed  "Southern Latitude".


We all love playing music and our philosophy is simple.  Play those favorite tunes folks love to hear over a good drink and get them out on the floor.  




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